How To Lure A Street Puppy To Home?

how-do-i-cure-dry-skin-for-my-dog-300x211 Everybody wants to have a puppy nowadays as a free watchman for security of person and the house.  But the expenses being too high to have the pet, a common man can only afford a street puppy! Not a bad idea.   But to lure  a street puppy to home, you have to be very careful about its hygine at the first instance.

Being convinced of that, you can go slow with it to have friendship.  After all to have a friend in human being one has to be careful and then animal is after all animal.  It may take a little more caution to befriend it.

Target a street puppy, who often passes through your home.  Obsever regularly its movements, likes and dislikes so also eating habiits and behaviour.  After making sure that the targeted puppy would be the one suitable for your home, try to cultivate it.

You can do so by at times offering it biscuits, at times milk and other times meat etc. At times try to shake your hand with it as a goodwill gesture  and other times give it company for some distance.  On the way try to affectionately rotate your hand on its head and body.

This way you would give it the feeling that you love it and care for it. The day, thus, may not be far off when it gets attracted towards you. Then one fine morning you would develop intuition that you both are good friends now.  This should be the time for you to take it to your home and with gestures and emotions introduce it to other members of your family.

First impression is the last impression.  At the first instance, offer the pet a clean bath, a clear place to sit and good fresh food and milk. And Lo! you have successfully lured and brought a street pupply to home to be your free watchman and good companion!