How To Know If He’s Cheating On You

Being cheated upon is a sign that your relationship is over for good. A person who cheats on you certainly does not deserve you.

But before you pass your judgment be doubly sure that husband/boyfriend/partner definitely deserves the boot.

There are some typical excuses made by a man who is cheating on his woman.

He will give you plenty of signs and if you keep your eyes open you will know whether your relationship is worth saving or not. Your man will come home late every night. It could be well after mid-night.

Ask him the reason and he will always immediately come up with an excuse. It could be anything from overtime at office to computer crashing, late evening meeting with bosses or clients to working on a new project. The list will be endless as will be the excuses.

Your man will suddenly start showering attention on you. He will want to know about your work and home schedule. You will have plenty of gifts showered upon you. Sometimes there will be an occasion but mostly you will receive gifts without a reason. This is a classic example of him trying to overcome the guilt he feels over the affair.

But there is another reason as well. This will help him know about your whereabouts and activities for most part of the day. Keeping tabs on you will help him carry out his affair better.

He will mention about his new interest to you as well. He will not be able to keep the excitement from his voice when he talks about her. From her dressing style to her work ethics, from her friendly nature to her family, he would know everything about her. There will be times when he will even call you up from office to give you her latest updates.

You will no longer be going out with him for social gatherings. There will always be an excuse for why he cannot take you to meet his friends or why you cannot go with him for his office parties. The excuses will always be aimed at your benefit – how you might not enjoy the outing because there will only be “boring people coming”. He will do anything to ensure you do not meet “her”.