How To Keep Your Kids Safe On Internet

Kids Safe On Internet There is no second opinion for the fact that internet is a great learning tool for kids as well as elders. Today more and more kids are using internet not only to play games but to complete their school projects, home work and communicate with their friends.

However, statistics show that internet is not a safe place for kids. There are many shocking threats associated with it. Children are being targeted by sending sexual pictures due to which they often become victim of pornography and other harmful material. Phone calls are being made with whom they chat online.

They are often tricked by viruses and spyware. It is a parent’s duty to protect them from these threats. But it is unreasonable to disallow children from surfing net completely. You cannot deprive your children from the uses of internet. Keeping kids safe on internet is quite challenging. Here are a few suggestions to keep them away from objectionable sites.

•    Talk with open mind with your children about the dangers lurking behind these sites.

•    Install software on your computer for filtering or blocking program on your computer. Activate them on your browser.

•    Try to allow your kids to surf internet under your supervision. Be careful, if they are using chat rooms.

•    Do not allow the logs to be erased. If erased, ask for explanation.

•    Let your kids allow surfing internet on the condition that their communication will be monitored.  If they disagree, ask them to do something else with their time.

•    Make strict rules. If they don’t follow the rules, they should not be allowed to touch the computer.

•    Do not keep the computer in their bed room. Instead keep it in a place, where you can supervise them easily.

•    Sit with your kid and explore the internet together. The child will develop a quest for knowledge.

•    Teach them the privacy issues. They should not disclose their phone numbers or name to strangers on the internet.

•    Make them understand how risky it is to meet online friends by citing incidence of this kind.

•    Don’t be too critical about net surfing.  Let them surf the net with your complete parental control.

•    Inform police if you find anything objectionable while surfing net.