How To Increase Sex Drive

sexual_life The most powerful motivator on this planet to human existence is none other than his drive for sex. Every human wants to enjoy each form of it. He tries to innovate new methods to satisfy this deepest of gratifications.

Through the ages we have been listening to the epics, books and philosophies written about having sex in its’ truest form.

We have heard or read about Chinese secrets, the philosophies given by different gurus and sex experts like Socrates, Osho, the Asian “Kamasutra” (a book written on the secrets of love making, its’ style and poses). Even sex has been seen as a wonderful tool to get into meditation.

But, the same sex gives lot of mental agony, suffering and pain when the basic instinct dies out. When the urge to perform or participate in sexual act stops. When your partner finds that you are”COLD”. The tussle and fight between and your sexual partner surges and touches its’ new height.

This is an irreversible situation and becomes very difficult to have the same kind of understanding and love between partners that they had earlier. This is the start of cheating wives and husbands. So, if your sex drive is loosing its’ spark and the magnetism to hold your partner just to yourself; take some steps:

Aphrodisiacs: An aphrodisiac is a substance which is used in the belief that it increases sexual desire. It arouses or intensifies sexual desire, and no herb or witch’s potion has been proven to do so. Incorporate these love foods or sex foods into your diet to get that desire.

Spanish fly, alcohol (a few drinks only; wanting to get into the mood with multiple packs can only aggravate the problem), Chocolates (has phenyl ethylamine and serotonin, two chemicals that light up pleasure areas in the brain), oysters (foods like bananas, asparagus, carrots, avocados, the pine nuts), the traditional herbs like Yohimbe, Tribulus and Maca (the combination of these is sold as “Viagra”).

Psychological disorder: Sometimes the libido loss is due to stress, fatigue, tension or other psychological disorders. Trace it out and find the solutions to it.

Respect: This is one thing that will keep the desire to perform with your partner always. So, respect your partner at all time.

Stay Fit: Stop smoking, start exercising and you’re on your way to remain healthy physically and mentally with increased oxygenated blood flow in your body.