How To Identify Signs of Anorexia

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that many men and women suffer from.

People suffering from anorexia starve themselves beyond the limit which leads to immense weight loss. Sufferers might or might not have weight issues.

The main reason for starvation is a poor self image wherein the person feels he/she is overweight. Anorexia shows effects on both mind and body. More women than men suffer from the eating disorder and anorexia is more rampant in girls in their teens and young women in early twenties.

Anorexia nervosa is easy to recognize and as a careful parent you should keep your eyes open to watch out for the signs in your child.

Person suffering from anorexia undergo sudden weight loss. This is mainly due to avoiding eating food altogether. Notice if your child is not eating properly or avoids eating with family. This is the first indication of the disorder setting in.

Your child will take to wearing loose and ill-fitting clothes in order to hide the apparent weight loss. If your fashion conscious teenager has suddenly thrown all fashion sense to the wind it’s time to check out the reason. You will see protruding collar bones, skinny arms and legs and a haggard looking face.

Check for signs of bulimia as well. Your teen will nibble at the food on the plate if he/she thinks they are being watched. If they are forced to eat many will take to purging.  You will hear sound of retching from the bathroom and this is not a sign of food poisoning. Your child will only show sign of degeneration despite you making sure they finish everything on their plate.

Anorexics who do not opt to retch will take to working out in the gym more than once in a day. They become obsessed with exercising and losing the carbs that they consume.

All anorexics suffer from poor body image. They will constantly refer to themselves as fat and constantly take advice on how to lose weight. Anorexics remain tired for most part of the day because of lack of nutritious and healthy diet.

Their body will suffer in terms of thinning hair, sunken cheeks and eyes, ashen skin and a skeleton-like body structure. Many will have fainting spells due to lack of proper oxygen supply to the brain which in extreme cases can cause heart strokes and death.