How To Handle Newborn

babyfoodallergies It is as delicate to handle a newborn as delicate the newborn itself is. Apart from the doctors and nurses being at its disposal there is no short cut to good parenting so also care by other family members.  Mother of the newborn has to be extraordinarily careful to follow advice of the doctors.  Father has also to act as twenty four hour escort to both the mother and the newborn for at least a month. 

To take care of newborn, it is must to take care of mother side by side. The newly born and the mother should be allowed to remain in hospital as long as the medical attendant wants.

Mother should regularly convey the doctor’s advice to father who should instantly meet the requirements.  For this other members of the family should also be readily available to meet any eventuality vis-à-vis health of the newborn and the mother.

Mother feeding for six months is very useful for goof health of the newborn. Don’t use any soap, oil, ointment etc. for the baby except with the specific advice of the doctor. Hold the newborn properly while giving it a bath.  Keep proper arrangements for mosquitoes and flies to be away from the newborn.  Don’t kiss it or keep it in hands for longer durations to avoid infection.  Don’t allow strangers to touch or hold the newborn to avoid infection or any mishap.  Keep the newborn’s room hygienic, neat and clean.  The room should be devoid of noise pollution.  Lighting in the room should be dim. The newborn should be exposed to filtered sunlight an hour or two daily.  Cotton clothes should be used for the newborn to take care of its skin.

Arrangements for first-aid medication should be available for all the twenty four hours.

The above small precautions would be worthwhile to handle the newborn with care.