How to Handle Difficult Children

childbehaviour All children are difficult in some way or the other. While some children will create a fuss over eating food, others may be stubborn on different things. The children need to be managed in the best way possible and there is no specific way of achieving this. Parents need to resort to different methodologies as one method may not work for all.

Children in an age group of 3-8 years are extremely difficult to handle as they tend to become stubborn on every aspect of their daily life. At this age, they realise the power to make decisions and to express themselves fully. This is used as a weapon against parents in order to get their way.


This may be the most difficult to do as people who are naturally stubborn due not give in to logic and reasoning. The first effortby parents should be to try and explain things/situations logically to the child. If, after repeated attempts, the child still does not cease to be stubborn, then some penalties need to be put into place. To explain this with an example, if a child stubbornly refuses to eat vegetables, then a penalty of ‘no TV’ can be introduced.

Bad Behaviour

As children grow, there are a lot of behavioural changes in them. Somehow, they first manage to learn all the negative (bad) behaviours from their peers. Such behaviour would stem from using abusive language, back chatting or even physical aggression. All of these need to be kept in check and managed effectively by parents. By and large, badly behaved children will not listen to logic and reasoning, and scolding them just does not work.

What may be effective is to take away some of their privileges. For example, if a child back-chats (i.e., talks back) to an adult, the ‘one chocolate a day’ privilege can be denied. The moment they see that their privileges are getting affected, they will try and mend their ways. This may not happen in one instance, but over time.

Managing difficult children requires a lot of time and patience on the parents’ part, but it is something that must be done.