How To Handle A Toddler (A Child Between 1-3 Years)

right-toys-for-your-toddler A toddler is a child who has just begun to walk. You enjoy the toddler’s actions like walking swiftly, turning abruptly, murmuring and at times even crawling.  You may enjoy swinging him up and down. You may watch his actions going downstairs/upstairs.  

You like to offer him chocolates, juices etc any time he weeps or cries.  During all this process you are so pleased that you just forget that amidst your enjoyment you are not taking sufficient precautions while attending to a toddler.  So let us think coolly and discuss how to handle a toddler.

Tips to handle a toddler:

First of all please ensure that the toddler all the time is accompanied by an escort whether he walks, eats, drinks, sleeps, weeps, and take all precautions that the toddler is not hurt by any means.

Don’t try to swing the toddler beyond your reach, because any fall could create permanent disabilities or at times could even be fatal.

Be very careful while bathing the toddler. Keep all bathing necessities like soap, oil, towel, clothes etc beside before going in to bathe the toddler.

Toddler should be acclimatized well vis-à-vis all seasons and sufficiently exposed to sun, wind and rains.

Junk food should be just a big no for him.

Hygienically you must take full care of the toddler.  You should dip its clothes in some disinfectant and change clothes as early as possible every time he passes urine, stool.  Never skip the courses of vaccinations prescribed by the doctor.  Don’t go in for home treatment in case the toddler is indisposed.  Always consult a child specialist in case of any such eventuality.

Handle the toddler with love and affection. Although he cannot speak yet he can certainly feel. Give timely attention to the toddler’s needs of meals/drinks. Give hugs at times and have strolls alongside him. Before sleep, give massage to his legs and hands and sing lullaby.  You will see that these small dos and don’ts will make you an enviable darling of the toddler!