How To Grow Long Hair

longhair Getting envious of someone having long locks, many a people want to grow their hair long but they are not able to. Growing long hair requires lot of patience and some extra caution. Some things to keep in mind are:

Keep them healthy

To grow your hair long it is necessary that we keep them healthy by ensuring that our hair gets the required nutrients to keep them healthy and strong to have a longer life.

Trim regularly

It is necessary to trim your hair regularly to keep them healthy as the hair get damaged with time and damaged hair cannot grow so it becomes a necessity to trim them timely so that you can do away with the damaged hair. It only helps in faster growth as lesser the damaged hair, more the growth of your locks would be.

Do not heat up your hair

Heating up your hair with blow-dryers, crimpers or hot rollers is a no-no for healthy and long hair. If you need to use the dryer, use it when your hair are almost dry as heating your hair causes damage. Best way to dry your hair is to let them dry naturally.

Avoid harsh chemicals

Don’t use perms or peroxide on your hair. When you use hair color, use the ones with low peroxide or otherwise it is unavoidable that your hair will get damaged. Perming or straightening will surely damage your hair. Shampoo your hair as soon as possible after a rough exposure. Nourish your hair as naturally as possible.

Diet control

One reason for unhealthy or damaged hair is irregular diet of yours. The hair is affected with what kind of food you are eating and how fit and healthy you are. So keep a healthy diet if you want t grow your hair long.

Care for your hair

To protect your hair from damage, you should take extra care for them. You should not put stress on the roots of your hair by using tight hairstyles, don’t rub your wet hair vigorously or don’t leave your hair at a place where they are bound to get stuck, it would cause harm to them.