How To Enjoy The Rains With Kids

enjoy-the-rain Rainy season is the time when parents usually advise their kids not to go out for they might catch up a cold, little realizing the fact that staying indoors for long can give the kids cabin fever. Every season should be enjoyed to the fullest, a drizzle or a heavy rain, you should make the most out of the rainy season with the following activities:

Enjoy the splash

Of course you must be thinking how can one enjoy a muddy splash in the rains? But then, enjoying the splash can actually wash you off your worries when you look at that glint in the eyes of your kids. Wear your raincoats and splash in the pools of water. Have swift competitions amongst the kids like who can create the biggest spray or enjoy their dance.

Wet and Wild Relay Race amongst your kids

Kids love to cuddle up in mud, especially when you are a part of the fun with them. Don’t let the rain spoil your kids’ and your mood. Get out, divide yourself in teams, tale a football and play with it or just enjoy the smiles on your kids’ faces.

Homemade Water Park

We all love going to the water parks but what if we create one at our homes only? Gear up in your bathing suits and plan out to get soaked in the rain. Take out your inflatable pool and create a water park out there for your kids. Join the fun by playing with your kids in the pool.

Camp out

When the clouds are getting dark, set a tent in your backyard and call your kids inside. Enjoy the thundering of the clouds by telling ghost stories to the kids. Enjoy the tapping of the rain on the tents. Play a board game or tell stories to your kids. Your kids will love it all.