How To Enjoy Relationships

improve-your-relationship Someone once asked me as how much money I have made in my life. I replied that I have not made money but I have made relations. Human being is a social animal. It is just not possible to have peaceful life being alone and self centered.  

So to be happy and to have peace of mind, one of the important aspects is to develop good relationships with friends, neighbors and relatives. Then you should know art of enjoying such relationships.  You enjoy relationship with friends for fun making. With neighbors you can enjoy relationship by being beside them through thick and thin. With relatives you enjoy on occasions of festivities and family functions like marriages, birthdays etc.

Love is rewarded either with reciprocity or with inward covert contempt.  So as a pre-condition you have to be all the time aware that enjoying relationship with others is a question of give and take.  You have to equally give space to your counterparts to enjoy in your company.  For that one does not have to exert or be an astronomer to know others’ desires to be happy with you. You have to simply ensure that you are acceptable wherever you are placed.

Among friends you can have certain liberties which you cannot have amongst elders in the neighborhood.  With ladies and children you have to be a bit more considerate.  Similarly with relatives you have to adopt certain ethics so as not to hurt their sentiments and ego. You go in for jokes with the ones who like jokes. Don’t thrust your jokes on others.  Moreover cut jokes on others only being sure that your allow others to cut jokes on you.  If you follow this style, you would be helping yourself and the known ones to enjoy a healthy relationship.