How To Do Pedicure At Home?

pedicure Pedicure means to beautify our feet. We can make our feet beautiful only by taking good care of them. To make them smooth and beautiful we need to keep them clean. Everyday wash your feet properly and apply a foot cream before going to bed. In spite of regular cleansing, pedicure is required to be done once a week to remove dust and dead skin from the feet. You can do your pedicure sitting at home. 

Procedure to do Pedicure at home:

Remove nail polish: The fist step while doing pedicure is to remove nail polish. Use cotton balls dipped in nail polish remover to remove it. If you face difficulty in removing the color, press the cotton on your nail and let it soak the color for a while. Now rub the cotton gain to remove the nail polish.

Cut and shape toenails: Once the nail-polish is removed, next step is to cut your toenails. Use good quality clippers for that. Your toenails must not extend over the tips of your toes. File your nails to give them shape of your choice.

Soak your feet: Once you are done with your nails, next step is to soak your feet in warm water. Take a big bowl which is flat at the bottom and fill it with warm water. Add essence and bath salts into the warm water. To this warm water, add ¼ cup of milk to loosen the dead skin. Dip your feet in this water.

Use cuticle nippers to trim loose skin.

To remove the dead skin apply a foot-scrub or use a foot-file. Pumice stone is a good substitute for a foot-file. Smooth your heels. Don’t scrub too hard as it may damage the skin.

Apply foot cream: remove your feet from water. Pat dry your feet and apply foot cream. Be sure that the skin between the toes is dried before applying cream.

Let the cream be soaked well by your skin before you wear socks/shoes.