How To Do Manicure At Home?

nailsmanicure ‘Manicure’ is a derived from two Latin words: manus and cura. Manus means and cura means care. Hence, manicure means taking care for hands. Everyone wants clean and soft hands but everyone doesn’t have enough time to visit saloon for it. Manicure can easily be done at home using the supplies easily available at home.

Procedure for manicure:

Shape your nails: The first step in this process is to remove nail polish and shape your nails. Remove nail polish using nail polish remover and cotton. Then shape your nails. Never file your nails when they are wet. Give them a proper shape and file from corner to center, in a left –right and then right –left movement.

Soak your hands: Take a big bowel and fill it with warm water and add some shampoo in it. Dip your hands in this soapy water for 10 minutes. Use soap scrubber to scrub your hands. If don’t have a scrub make a mixture of soap and salt and rub your hands with it. This will remove dead skin from your hands and make your hands soft.

Dry your hands: Pat dry your hands using a clean towel. Rub the towel gently at cuticle areas of your fingers.

Cuticle remover: Cuticle means dead skin at the base of finger nails. Never cut cuticles as it may be painful and may cause infection. Gently push them using a cuticle pusher or orangewood stick. Also clean underneath nails with cuticle pusher.

Massage: The next step involves hand massage. Massage your hands well with hand lotion. Use the thumb of opposing hand to massage around the cuticles and nails. Rotate each finger slowly and gently. Massage your hands with lotion till your elbows.

Remove excessive lotion: Wipe off the extra lotion using a clean and dry towel.

Apply nail polish: Apply a nail polish and let it dry before doing any work.

The above mentioned recipe of manicure is used in many saloons. Do it once a week for best results.