How to do Body Exfoliation

While body exfoliation might sound a tedious task it is rather easy to perform. And you need not even visit a spa or a salon. Body exfoliation can be performed at home without using expensive products.

Exfoliation helps the skin get rid of dead skin cells, excess oil and dirt that tend to clog the skin pores. Clogging of these pores encourages the growth acne causing bacteria.

So to keep the body free of acne it is important to do body exfoliation once a week. Exfoliation will also keep the skin glowing and healthy. Using products available in your kitchen will help you exfoliate the skin regularly.

Oats are a great way of exfoliating. Grind the oats in an electric blender to a powder form. Take some fresh cream and mix the powdered oats with cream. You can even use honey instead of cream. People with extremely oily skin can use body cream and add some water to the mixture.

The exfoliation paste should be of a spreadable consistency.Wet yourself in a shower and start applying the oats scrub beginning from the feet and moving upwards.

Massage the scrub well onto the skin using a wet washcloth or a loofah. Use gentle circular motions to scrub. You can also apply the oats scrub directly to the washcloth or loofah and then use on the skin.

Take care to cover all parts of the body including face. Oats scrub is gentle on the face yet provides excellent exfoliation. Use your fingers to gently massage the scrub on the face.

Once the entire body has been scrubbed rinse well using lukewarm water. The scrub does not lather but will leave behind a soft and creamy feel.Dry gently using a towel and apply a little moisturizer. Only small amount of body lotion will do since exfoliation will spread even little moisturizer to larger area.

The skin on your body will be soft and smooth to touch. Your body will be glowing because of massage that leads to increased blood circulation to all parts of the body.

In case oats aren’t available you can even use sugar in combination with olive oil or glycerin. Sugar does not need to be powdered since it melts with a little scrubbing.