How To Destress Kids When They Go To School After Long Holidays?

school-going-stress After final examinations, children usually feel relaxed and want to enjoy their holidays till the next session of the school begins.

However, it is really very difficult to suddenly change the unstrained and carefree lifestyle back into disciplined track but kids do it, although reluctantly, when their school opens.

Going back to school make the kids stressed because they can’t accept the fact that their holiday period is over. This mentality in kids sometimes affect their studies for the first couple months until they adjust themselves with the school atmosphere again and feel connected with their teachers and fellow students.

As a parent, every year you have to do too many things to convince your child to go back to school to study again. But by following some of the simple techniques, you can destress your kid and encourage him to explore the new class again.

Reschedule their routine

Usually, the routine life of kids changes as soon as their holidays begin. During this period, they go to bed late at night and hence wake up late. Their lunch and dinner time also becomes irregular.

Meanwhile, when one fine day, you tell your kids to be prepared to go to school in next couple of days, they feel shocked and irritated. Instead, you can organize their daily routine at least a few weeks or a fortnight before their school reopens. This is how they would never have to make sudden changes in their lifestyle.

Let kids visit their school before reopening

A number of children cannot adjust quickly in the school after holidays and they usually feel lonely and don’t like to interact with others. But as a parent, if you will take your kid to school two-three times before the studies begin just to make him comfortable with the school atmosphere then he would surely not show any reluctance.

Speak to your kid about school

During holidays, speak to your kid about his school. Ask him what he likes the most in the school and what he doesn’t like. This will enable you to comprehend that whether he would show enthusiasm to return back to school or not.

Now, to generate interest in him, remind him how he enjoyed with his classmates last year.

Tell him that the new session would be more exciting because not only his best friends will be there but he would get an opportunity to make new friends either.

Similarly, pick some specific topics from his course and tell him how he would explore new subjects.

If your kid likes to play any particular game then take your kid to the sports teacher of the school and enquire how he could hone up his playing skills. This is how your kid would feel charged up about school.

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Yogesh Mishra