How To Describe Love?

fall-in-love-300x234 Love, love, love – everybody wants to love or be recognized as a true lover. But rarely one tries to endeavor to know the real meaning of love. Some think physical love is only the true love – take some one on date, have local tours or tours abroad with the opposite sex and spend lavishly on him/her and you have had true love!  Others think loving animals and the human beings alike is true love.  And there are more who think loving nature is only true love.

All the above descriptions may be the ends for most of the concerned.  But one has to search within whether these forms of expression of love are based only on selfish motives to derive benefits or at least reciprocity.  If the answer is yes, which in most of the cases is so, then one does not know the real meaning of love.  

Love is always selfless. It is always a thing to give and not to take.  It is to share and take others’ pains and feel pleasure in doing so.  It is only total submission and subordination to the cause of love in whatever form it may be. Deliberations have no place in love.

It has to be spontaneous and from the core of the heart. A true lover never thinks of day, night, grief or happiness. He is like a soldier, who asks no questions but stands the test.

If one is able to pass such litmus tests about love, then one can think of knowing real description of love.  Only such a person has the right to claim the art of loving.  Against so many examples of judging true love, one can be Shakespearean concept of love in one of his write-ups:

“Where two deliberate their love is slight,

Who ever loved who loved not at first sight”