How to deal with a possessive partner

Are you confronted with a possessive husband or boyfriend who stalks you at your every move?

Are you haggled constantly by a possessive wife or girlfriend who is like an uninvited shadow, trying to trail you to anywhere possible?

If yes, then you are faced with a problem that many other face as well. You are dealing with a possessive partner.

What is possessiveness?
Possessiveness is nothing but the desire to own something or somebody. It is also the desire to dominate this person, and mould him/her according to one’s own needs. It can also be classified as a kind of selfishness.

Why do people become possessive?
Possessiveness comes out of insecurity in the relationship. Insecurity is the feeling of fear of losing something that you own so dearly. These thoughts plague the conscious and subconscious mind everyday, of losing something that will completely shatter the person. The loss in relationships is…
Emotional loss – Losing someone’s emotional energy toward you
Romantic loss – Losing someone’s romance and intimacy towards you. Here even losing sexual gratification as a result of romantic loss is taken into account.

What are the general causes of possessiveness in a relationship?
If a partner has an attractive personality that attracts the opposite sex, it might create a situation of possessiveness in the relationship,

Sometimes, partners might wantonly create a situation of jealousy in hope of creating a possessive situation. Some people like to play around with their partner’s possessiveness. They seek enjoyment in making their wives, husbands, boyfriends, and girlfriends jealous. This initially looks good, but it might turn into a very serious problem.

How to deal with a possessive partner
Firstly, try to give your partner wholehearted and undivided attention. Do not create a situation where there is a deficit of attention, love, affection, sex, or any other type of intimacy.

Open up and be honest. If you see an attractive man, tell your partner that you found that man good looking. By saying this, you create a sense of trust, and not suspicion in your partner. By wearing your emotions and expressions on your sleeve, you create more trust in the relationship. The same goes with men. If you see attractive women, be open and honest about it. The more honest you are, the more you will be trusted.

Always maintain consistency in behavior with your partner. Try to see your partner in high esteem in front of others. Try to speak about your partners good things in front of everyone. Don’t praise, but complement.