How To Create Beautiful Cat Eyes

eye-makeup-10111 Having beautiful eyes is the precious asset one can ever have. Everyone is not fortunate to have those natural assets. If you think on the similar line then let me tell you that there are ways to make your eyes look beautiful. First, be thankful to god that at least you have eyes to see this beautiful world then I would suggest you tips and steps on how to make them beautiful cat eyes.

There are various ways to make eyes attractive and catty. However, which one would suit you best, is very much dependant on the colour of your skin, hair and of course, your eyes’ natural colour. Here, I would talk about certain tips and steps, which would suit all kind of features and skins.

The first step should be to apply foundation evenly on the face along with the area near the eyes. Next, you can use an under eye concealer before puffing a bit of powder over them.

Secondly, take your black eyeliner pencil and define the front corner of your eyelid. Here you can use a finger to smudge a bit towards the end of your lash line. Now, use an eye shadow, preferably of dark shade over the top of the smudged line.

Thirdly, now it’s the turn of your upper eyelid to be taken care. Apply eyeliner (use a thin brush) as close as possible to the eyelashes. But don’t let the eyeliner touch your eyelashes. Here, an important point is to remember that you can thicken the eyeliner according to your choice, but the line should be thicker towards the outer end than the inner side. Now, again use your eye shadow.

Fourthly, for that typical cat eyes, it’s important to highlight the outside corner of your upper eye lid. For this purpose, you can use some shimmery product or some cream as well.

Fifthly, it’s time to deal with your eyelashes. Use the eye curler twice to get the round shape for your eye lashes and then two coats of mascara is needed for that dramatic look.

Finally, it’s important to remember that the task of to make eyes look catty involves your eyebrows also. Using an eyebrow pencil, define them prominently. Well defined eyebrow curves can really make a difference.