How to Cover Back Acne

Acne on the back can be quite distressing especially when you want to acquire a bare look. It is next to impossible to wear dresses that will expose your back and chest area. However, you don’t have to stress yourself thinking about ways to cover your back acne.

There are various ways in which you can effectively cover the acne and scars on your back and wear that sexy dress you have been wanting to.

Nothing hides the acne and its scars better, than a good tan. Tanning makes acne and blemishes less visible. Tanning is especially a good idea if you are going out at night. The dim lighting at night combined with a dark tan effectively disguises any kind of blemish.

Makeup is your next best bet when it comes to covering back acne. You might not have time for a tan but you can easily spend five to ten minutes covering your back with makeup to hide acne. Of course you will have to take help from someone since you cannot possibly apply makeup on your back by yourself.

Take a creamy foundation that matches your skin tone. Have the foundation applied thoroughly on your back. Instruct the person who is helping you with the makeup to cover all the blemishes properly. But apply makeup to your back only after wearing your clothes.

This way the makeup will get proper coverage without being smeared. If you have time in your hands then get the blemishes covered with a good body concealer. Finish the application of conclear or foundation by applying matte powder.

This will blend the makeup and give it a natural look. Don’t forget to clean your back before retiring to bed. This is important otherwise makeup will clog your skin pores further aggravating the acne on your back.

A very natural and easy way of hiding your back blemishes is by leaving your hair open. Hair will best hide your acne especially if they are long. In case you do not have long hair then invest in some good hair extensions that will allow you to cover your acne neatly. In case of formal events opt for a hairstyle wherein you can let some hair down to strategically cover the acne.