How To Control Over House Flies?

house-flies House fly is the most common insect. House flies are the main cause of communicable diseases. House flies, though are small organisms, can be a cause of lot of diseases like typhoid, cholera, tuberculosis and many more.

House flies can ingest only liquid materials. They regurgitate liquid from stomach to dissolve their food and use their mouthparts to suck up. They leave their fecal spots where they walk. This way they transfer diseases.

During day time they rest on floors, walls, plants, on ground, garbage etc. at night they are usually found on wires, ceilings, etc.

Measures to control over flies:

Keep flies away:

The foremost method to control over flies is to keep them away. For that you have to take preventive measures to avoid them coming to your house and disturb you.

The first step to keep flies away is to have proper sanitation.  You must have noticed flies around organic waste. A fly when sits on the organic waste and then on you or any food product  may cause many infections and diseases.

Always cover food products. Food and other materials which are fly-prone must be removed or destroyed immediately.

Throw garbage in dustbin and tightly seal the dustbin. Clean your dustbins regularly.

Any leakage should be fixed immediately as flies gather near water leakages.

There should be proper drainage to avoid water lodging which attracts flies.

Mop your floor daily. If possible use phenyl water to mop.

Don’t dump clothes for long time.

Windows and doors should be properly screened.


Fly sprays are easily available. Spraying regular will kill the flies. The smell of the spray stays for long time which resists the flies to come.

Fly baits:

Fly baits are also available. Bait kills the flies when they intake it.

Fly paper:

Fly paper is actually a fly killing device. Paper is coated with a sticky poisonous substance that traps flies.