How to Control Dandruff and Hair Loss

Relation Between Dandruff and Hair Loss

In our today’s glamorous world, a look of the person is very important. Our hairs play a major role in building our personality. But if this hair is lost then the person becomes very conscious about his look. One of the major causes of hair fall is dandruff. Actually there is no direct relation between dandruff and hair fall. But when a person scratches his/her scalp due to dandruff the hair roots become loose and ultimately results in hair fall. Our body cells are constantly regenerating. Similarly the new scalp cells are also continuously producing. These new scalp cells replaces the older ones and these older cells shed off automatically.

What is Dandruff?

Dandruff is a fungal infection of the scalp caused by Mallazesia globosa. This fungus can infect anyone but the people who have the predisposing factors (mentioned below) are more prone to dandruff. When this fungus infects the scalp, it enhances the process of formation of new cells and the older dead cells are collected on the scalp as white scales. When we comb our hairs, these white scales shed off in more quantity on our shoulders, back and face what we call it as dandruff. As this dandruff is a fungal infection, it causes itching on the scalp due to which the person become irritable and he is compelled to scratch his scalp which is the better feeling for the person. Sometimes due to scratching the scalp, the scalp becomes inflamed and injured too. This might arise some more complications to the person.

The Predisposing Causes of  Dandruff

According to the Law of Homeopathy, any skin disease (called as external manifestations) or problem is the result of the internal derangement of the health. This internal derangement is caused by the following factors :

  • Mental disturbances i.e. stress
  • The diet which is not balanced
  • No Physical Exercise
  • Daily habits of eating fast food
  • The cheap hair products containing low grade chemicals which are easily available in the market
  • Unhygienic conditions of hair
  • Pregnancy
  • Excessive sweating on head
  • Polluted environment with dust, smoke, etc

How to Control Dandruff and Hence Hair Fall
The perfect cure is to take advice of the dermatologist who will give the proper anti – dandruff shampoo and the prescribed medicines.

Home Remedies for Dandruff
There are certain home care points which can control the dandruff and hence hair fall

  • Washing hairs at least for three times a week
  • Lemon juice applied at least twice a week
  • Aloe vera is a traditional remedy for dandruff
  • Regularly eat green leafy vegetables and fat free diet
  • Do daily physical and mental exercise
  • Drink more amount of water daily
  • Use proper anti dandruff shampoo advised by doctor along with the proper conditioners
  • Pour more amount of water on your hair after shampooing them
  • Protect your hair by sun, dirt and dust
  • Clean your comb daily
  • Wash your towel and pillow cover daily
  • Shikakai and Nagarmutha are also traditional remedies for dandruff
  • Use Arnica hair oil and shampoo, the magic of homeopathy

Always remember to control hair fall you have to control the dandruff