How to Care for Men’s Skin

Care for Men’s Skin Few years back, men’s skin care was limited to just soap and water, but with emergence of beauty and fashion trends, men have become aware of their need to care for their skin. In this age of metro sexual era, skin care industry for men is soaring high. Now Cosmetics industry is producing specialized products that are exclusively for men’s skin requirements.

While some men visit salon on regular basis for personal grooming, others believe in natural ways to take care of their skin, which are more beneficial and healthier.

Basics For Body Care

In order to look good men must follow certain body basics. Daily showering and shampooing is necessary for men, because mostly men have oilier skin than women. So men must clean, tone and moisturize their skin regularly to avoid skin damage due to environmental pollutants and dirt. Without proper care their skin can become dull. Men should use moisturizer and cleanser containing alpha-hydroxy acid like lactic acid and glylcolic acid which can improve their skin tone and texture.

Dry Brush Exfoliation

An ideal way men can exfoliate their skin is by doing dry brush exfoliation before shower in the morning. It will not only help them to detox their skin but also remove dead skin cell and improve circulation of blood. To perform this action they will need nothing but a soft natural bristle brush.

Sun Protection

Sun protection is equally important for men’s skin also. Men should use sunscreen that provides enough SPF to stay young and good looking. They must wear light breathable clothes and sun glasses. Otherwise exposure to harsh sun rays can cause wrinkles on their skin and damage the skin, even leading to skin cancer.

Toning & Cleaning

Men have rougher skin than women due to use of razor and shaving. Therefore, proper exfoliation is essential for them. They should use good cleansers available in the market specifically for men. They should first clean their face, then shave and then tone with aftershave and lastly moisturize their skin.

A well balanced diet, intake of enough water, good sleep and regular exercise is also vital to maintain skin health.