How To Care For Aging Skin

antiagingdiet Skin that shows wrinkles is never pretty. Almost every women after their 30s have to fight with wrinkles to keep her skin glowing as it did in her 20s.  Aging skin needs special care that is different from the skin care regime that is followed in the teens and the twenties. One has to follow a good cleaning regime and keep some small things in mind to fight the aging skin.

There are some researchers who say that the three buzzwords to keep skin form aging is to protect, restore and nourish the skin. The first step towards achieving a complete skin regime is to choose an appropriate anti aging skin treatment, which will include an effective rejuvenation ingredient for the face. One has to see that the ingredient is clinically proven for its benefit and does not exceed the recommended concentration in the product.

In order to restore the damage skin one has to develop a customised daily skin care routine. This has to be followed according to your skin type and the various needs of your individual skin. This has been termed as a layering strategy by dermatologists.

The final step to a skin care regime will be to follow the necessary precautions along with the anti aging cream to make it work at its best and to protect it as well. This would include a good diet along with a healthy exercise regime.

Remember to wear a sunscreen everyday to protect your skin form the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. It is quiet surprising to know that sun is one of the major reasons for causing wrinkles, dryness and age spots on your skin.

You have to remember that winter sun can be equally harsh on the skin; you should never leave the house without applying sunscreen on the face and the hands. The sunscreen should have at least a SPF of 15, which is the minimum. The other way to avoid the sun is to wear full-length sleeves clothes and always wear your sunglasses and a hat when you go out.

Aging skin at times also causes age spots; these are also called liver spots. They are a little bigger than freckles and are commonly seen in fair skinned people. They mostly occur in the sun-exposed area such as hand, face, feet and arms. There are a number of creams that are available in the market that help in the lightening of these age spots.

The most important skin care regime to be followed is to use the right skin care products; the ingredients should in no way be skin irritant. If one of the anti aging products include any of these following ingredients like menthol, lime, lavender, botanical oils then make sure that you test it first as these have been known to cause reactions in some individuals.

Dry skin is more prone the early signs of the aging process. One has to remember that dry skin should always be moisturized well. In winters the dry skin tends to lose moisture faster, hence there has to be special care taken to avoid the formation of wrinkles during this time. The onset of wrinkles is early on dry skin, as the dryness of the skin makes them more visible.

Alpha-hydroxy cleanser and lotion can be very effective in countering the anti aging problems as they have been known for their properties, which help in the fading away of the fine lines if applied on the spots. You can also apply a cream that contains Esoterica or ambi on the skin at night. These components are known to restore the skin to its original complexion. Retin-A can also be very useful in fading the age spots as it helps in the rejuvenation of the cells.

There is a laser treatment also available to treat wrinkles. The treatment uses a laser beam to remove the skin one layer at a time. The treatment is mostly performed under a dose of anaesthesia but can be expensive, as it requires a number of settings. This is also called Co2 and Er:YAG laser treatment.

A good anti aging cream, lotion, gel or serum will be able to get rid of these fine lines on the face and give it a smoother appearance. It should be able to treat those spots on the skin as well. It should have a good sunscreen along with the cream and should be able to treat the sun-damaged skin as well.