How To Bleach Your Hair At Home

Bleaching-Your-Hair-At-Home For lightening your hair you have to go through a chemical process which is known as bleaching. This process removes color from your hair. It becomes effective when done correctly. Before you try it at home you should know the following things.

•    Buy a best quality bleaching kit that is formulated to lighten the natural color of hair. Know the original color of your hair. Some bleach is specially made for darker hair. Read the package to know the available quantity. Make sure the quantity will be enough for your hair.  If you are not sure, buy another kit in advance.

•    Make sure your hair is not dirty. You have washed them recently and they are free of tangles and knot and well combed.

•    Before starting the process gather necessary item like a bowl, an old towel, an applicator brush.

•    The chemical should be prepared carefully as per direction by mixing the developer provided in the package. Wear an old robe to protect your cloth from being spoiled. Spread news paper on floor and table to avoid dripping and spoiling anything.

•    Start applying bleach from the back of your head generously with applicator brush. Then work around and finally apply on the top of your hair. For even distribution of bleach, apply fast. Once you finish with the paste pull all the hair on the top and wear a plastic cap. It will generate heat and help in setting the bleach.

•    Read the instruction guide carefully to know how long you should leave the chemical on our hair. Leaving the solution for long period can damage your hair causing breakage or hair loss.

•    Now rinse your hair thoroughly with cold water so that no chemical is left out. Then shampoo and condition your hair with a quality deep conditioner.

•    As the hair dries, see the result. If the result is not up to your liking, do not try it yourself again. Take the kit to the professional to go through correct procedure.

•    Besides breakage and hair loss, repeated bleaching can dry your hair. So it is necessary to moisturize your hair after the process of bleaching. Brittle hair and split end are common complaint after bleaching process.

So whenever you go for this process buy the best quality bleach and read the instruction carefully, so that nothing goes wrong and you enjoy your lighten hair.