How to Beautify Your Bathroom in an Economical Way

bathroom The bathroom is a part of the house that is used for a minimum duration of the day. However, for most people it is also the most important room as it is their sanctuary where they have complete privacy.

A boring white, plain bathroom seems like a sanitized hospital, but yet it is this that is found in most homes. If the house is self-owned, then a complete make-over/ renovation can be done to the bathroom. However, if the house is rented then this renovation becomes a costly option for the tenant. Nonetheless, there are cheaper options to beautify the bathroom.

Choose a Colourful Shower Curtain

The shower curtain, when spread out lends colour instantaneously to the bathroom. Choose a curtain that has bright colours and is easily washable.

Paint the Mirror

Depending on the theme of the shower curtain or any other design that is preferred, the mirror can be painted using glass paints or acrylic paints (both of which are easily available at a stationery shop). In order to achieve symmetry in designs, a stencil may be used. Various types of stencils are available at the stationery shop. Alternatively, a combination of paint and stickers can also be used to beatify the mirror. However, two vital points must be kept in mind. First, the designs should be like a border around the mirror so that the centre is free for viewing. Second, do not wash the whole mirror or rub on the designs as these are not water-proof. The mirror should be cleaned with a damp cloth with rubbing only on the non-painted parts.

Decorate the Tiles

Alternate tiles can be beautified by using stickers or by painting a motif on each tile and the ‘cleaning precautions’ as mentioned for the mirror need to be considered as well. Hence, it would be better to decorate the tiles that are at a height above the head as these tiles rarely get wet and need cleaning sporadically.

Some theme options for bathrooms are – seaside, garden elements (flowers), bees and butterflies, etc. As these stickers/paints are not permanent in nature, the designs can be changed by washing off after a few months.