How To Be A Good Mom

fitmom ‘Mom’ is a word which in all languages is understood easily because it generally starts with pronunciation of the letter “M”, like Mom, Mother, Mummy, Mamma. In human species, it is as ‘Mom’ that a woman is respected and loved the most. No wonder then that every woman has the ultimate dream of being a Mom one day.  But to enjoy being a Mom has certain responsibilities.

Some tips to be a good mom:

You have to be away from bad habits like smoking and drinking to avoid their adverse effects on your child’s health.

Your food habits have to be good.  You don’t have to be overweight. You should have standard weight as your height in centimeters minus 100, e.g. with 165 centimeters of height, you should have 65 kilograms of weight.

You have to follow all precautions as advised by the doctor during pregnancy as to which food to eat, which life style to adopt, how much sleep to have, how to remain healthy and hygienic. Above all you have to ensure timely pre-natal and post-natal vaccinations which are must.

During pregnancy don’t make it an excuse to avoid work.  Rather continue doing work resulting in occasional sits and stands, which may help you as a sort of exercise, to help normal delivery avoiding caesarian one.

Post-delivery you have to deliberate a lot to ensure proper care of yourself and the baby.  Ensure cleanliness and hygiene for self and the baby. Take help and assistance from all concerned – doctors, nurses, family members.

Later in the child’s life, offer all the love and parenting which is the child’s birth right! Listen to the child and fulfill the genuine demands. Try not to dictate terms but convince the child if you want to say ‘no’ for something.  Inculcate in the child from the childhood itself good manners and discipline as may be applicable when he/she is toddler, child, adolescent, boy so that he grows up as a good boy and brings name and fame to the family.

If you follow the above, I am sure you will feel like being ‘Prideful Mom’!