How To Avoid Pain During Sex?

pain-during-sex Sexual intercourse can not necessarily be enjoyable and pleasurable for all women. Most of the women experience pain during sex due to lack of proper vaginal lubrication or several other factors.

Because of painful sexual intercourse especially with penetration and thrusting movement of penis many women gradually lose their urge for sex.

Women having occasional pain during intercourse should not worry. However, if pain is frequent they will certainly need to look for remedial measures.

Apart from lack of vaginal lubrication, there are several factors like use of certain medication or contraceptive pills or decrease in female sex hormones can trigger pain during sex.

In some cases endometriosis, pelvic inflammation, cystitis, hemorrhoids and several other medical conditions like uterine prolapse and ovarian cysts can make sexual intercourse highly painful for women.

A woman with infected cervix, uterus or fallopian tubes can have intense pain while having sex. Painful intercourse can also occur due to retroversion of uterus, fibrous tissue growth in uterus and irritable bowel syndrome.

Moreover women with stress, anxiety, depression and several other psychological and emotional problems can suffer pain during intercourse.

See a doctor if you are persistently having pain during sex. Treatments can certainly make a difference and improve your sex life besides improving your emotional attachment and boosting your self-image.

Tips to avoid painful intercourse

Good hygiene habits

Do not use body washes, shower gels and other sweet-scented products for bathing as they can cause irritation in your vagina besides zapping the natural process of vaginal lubrication. Also avoid douching.

Sexual techniques

Adopt proper techniques and sexual positions for sex so as to make it smooth, pleasurable and pain-free.

Change the position in case thrusting movement of penis strikes your cervix or puts stress on your pelvic floor muscles causing intense pain. Let your partner lie on his back below you during sex.

By adopting this position you can control thrusting movement of penis which in turn can give your more pleasure.

Longer foreplay

Tell you partner what you are comfortable with. Ask him to go slow if you want so. Avoid rushing to the main event. Try to prolong the foreplay as it may help enhance the process of natural lubrication.

You can delay penetration till you are fully excited and aroused so as to ensure painless intercourse.

Use lubricants

If you are having problem of vaginal lubrication you can use a water-based lubrication which can make intercourse smooth, painless and pleasurable.

Treatment of underlying conditions

Seek treatment for infection or other underlying medical conditions in case they are associated with painful sexual intercourse.

Estrogen therapy

Postmenopausal women can have problem with vaginal lubrication due to decrease in estrogen level which can make it painful for them to have sex.

If you are among those women, you can use prescription cream or tablet to make sexual intimacy with your partner pleasurable.

You can have an option of using flexible vaginal ring which can give you immense pleasure during sex.

Other medications

Your doctor may also advise you to take medication orally to reduce pain. Your doctor may also prescribe injections of pain medications into the painful site.

Desensitization therapy

Desensitization therapy involves exercises to relax vaginal muscles so as to reduce pain. Your therapist may advise you to perform Kegel exercise or other pelvic floor exercises to avoid pain during intercourse.

  • Your Guest

    1. Relax physically as well as mentally.

    2. Loosen the vaginal portion (do not tighten the pelvic muscles)

    3. Indulge in lot of foreplay. Lot of it. Enjoy the foreplay. Let all your sexual organs get flooded with sexual juices. Naturally the vagina will become wet with natural juices.

    4. Use some good quality lubricant, if possible.

    5. Do not force the entry. Ask him to enter millimeter by millimeter, both of you enjoying the process. While entering this way, take intermittent stops for few minutes, and then again start millimeter by millimeter.

    6. When fully in, do not hurry for in out in out process. Ask him to be still inside for some time. Now both of you take deep breaths. Smooch. Embrace. Caress each others’ hairs lovingly. Just FEEL the love. Love and be loved. Enjoy the process. Speak sweet words to each other. No in out in out yet. Just increase or decrease the pressure gently on the pelvic area (at the union of your genitals). Tell your partner how great it is to be in this state with him or her. Thank him or her for such sweet and wonderful experience.

    7. Spend time in this manner at least for 15 minutes. Take your judgment whether to go for in out in out process. Try it very lightly. If painless, then gradually increase the momentum. If any of you feeling pain, stop immediately. Take deep breaths. Relax.

    8. After you are through with loving experience, and want to reach the climax, do so. It will happen all by itself. Enjoy a rocking orgasm. After you are over, do not be in a hurry to pull out of woman. Man should relax and he will automatically come out of his woman. Kiss your woman with gratitude on her forehead. Fall asleep in each others’ arms, if it’s comfortable.

    Happy first experience.

  • violet

    hi, im 21 years of age, and ive been sexually active since 16 yrs. but i always feel pain wen entering, and especially when i am not sexually active for awhile. plz give sum medical tips as well as suitable exercises to enhance pleasure.