How to Avoid Emotional Eating

eat-and-drink-before-and-after-workouts Most of us chose healthy snacks and meals consciously. However, when it comes to emotional eating, we do not have much control over our mouth. Emotional eating comprises of everything that we eat when we are upset, bored or stressed. It is during this time when we tend to gain lots of weight. So, there is a need to determine certain strategies that can be used to win over in these weak moments. Let us establish some of these strategies.

Plan in Advance

In moments of boredom and stress, it is extremely easy to grab a bag of chips or ice cream from the freezer and gulp it down. But what will you do if these stores of calories are not there in your freezer or pantry. It is better to stock fresh fruits and vegetables, popcorn, fruit bars, low fat yogurt and pudding in your refrigerator.

Allow Treat

Allow yourself to take a treat every once in a while. This makes eating healthy on the other days a lot easier. Giving yourself the permission to eat an ice cream on a warm day or some chips while watching TV will reduce the secret binge sessions.

Stay Active

Many people feel the urge to nibble on something while watching TV. To avoid this, one should keep his / her head and hands busy. You can either solve a crossword puzzle or carry on with your knitting. It doesn’t matter what you do, just keep yourself busy.

Look for Alternatives to Eating

Think about the personal activities that you can do instead of eating. Some of these activities can be calling up a friends, going for a walk, taking a hot bath, listening to music, polishing your nails, cleaning your house, scheduling appointments, looking at a photo album, watching TV, surfing the internet and the like.

Exercise regularly

Following a regular exercise regime helps in relieving stress. This helps in attaining a positive mindset and thus helps in going through the rough or emotional phases easily.