How To Arrange A Kitty Party

spaceball Kitty party is a nice way to socialize for women and utilize their free time for entertainment. Today’s women can make these parties productive and create some value in society. Women are always busy with their household chores and hardly get any time for socializing. But this trend is changing slowly. Why should men have all the fun? Women too have the right to enjoy life and have fun with their friends and spend quality time with them. Not only this, this type of ladies party allows them to have right flavor of gossip, which ladies are very fond of. Now they can relax too, at least once in a month, have fun and enjoy freedom with games, food, music and gossip.

Here are some suggestions on how to arrange a nice kitty party at home.

•    First of all, make a list of your kitty members whom you are going to invite. Call them up personally and inform about the time and date. If you have kept any dress code for healthy competition, then please don’t forget to tell them.

•    Think of dishes you want to serve to your guests. Start serving with soup or cold drinks along with some light snacks. If you are arranging the kitty at lunch time, then prepare 2-3 dishes that can be served at lunch time. You can also ask your friends to bring some home made dishes. This will add variety and consume less time of yours.

•    Clean and decorate your home with fresh flowers and play soft music to create a decent atmosphere. Room freshener can also be used.

•    You can make the party appealing by deciding a theme for the party. Like prize can be announced for most punctual or most well dressed lady.

•    Arrange for some indoor games which can enhance their hidden qualities and side by side it becomes a source of refreshment.

•    Capture the moments of your party in your camera, so that later you can enjoy these memories later.

Do your best to make this party memorable.