How To Apply Fake Eye Lashes

eyelashes The well defining curled eyelashes are cherished by most of the women. For a stunning look, eyelashes play a significant role. However, every one of us is not fortunate to have those long curly eyelashes. Still, we should not feel hopeless. The modern day fashion has its way out, which can help you having those perfect eyelashes. Yes, you can go for false eye lashes, which looks like natural while giving you the right look.

Many just buy and use fake eyelashes without knowing the proper guidelines about how to apply them. If you pay attention to the following few tips concerning how to use the fake eye lashes then no one can make out that you are wearing the fake ones.

To create the natural look, first trim the false eyelashes according to your eyes’ breadth. Keep lashes a bit bigger towards outer corner of eyes than the inner portion.

Now, take a bit of eyelash glue on the back of your palm and run the fake eyelash over it. Hold it for few seconds and then apply to your own eye lashes. If you find that the fake eye lashes’ line is a bit upper or lower than the natural line then use tweezers to push or pull them. Always remember that you should apply it from the right corner.

Once you are sure that the position of fake eyelashes is at the right place, press it from end to end while holding it for some time till the glue settles down. For more natural look, you can use eye lashes curler and mascara as well.

Once you are back from the party, never forget to remove the fake eyelashes before going to sleep. A special powder comes along with pack of fake eyelashes, which is meant to apply to remove from eyes.