How To Apply Complete Eye Makeup

eyemakeupoffice Many of us feel that the most essential part of our make up is to make our eyes look beautiful. So eye up should be done with great care. You have to be a little tricky while performing it. You must know the sequence in which you have to apply eye makeup. Step by step, perform your eye make up in the following ways.

1.    Use a concealer to cover up under eye circles by applying three dots under both the eyes. Start from the corner to the outer edge. Pat until it disappears.

2.    Eye base must be applied on the lid to keep the eye shadow intact for long hours.

3.    Now apply Eye Shadow on the upper eye lid beneath the brows. Close your eye lid and apply shadow. Start applying shadow from the center of the eye lid and go upward with a thin brush. You can use three toned shadow by blending them with each other like a rainbow. First apply a light color that can match with the color of your lid. Now allow the color to sweep across the lid. Then use a medium color across the lid and lastly use a darker color in the crease. Blend all the three colors. It is better to select colors that match your eye color. For brown eyes, shades like gray, slate blue and plum stands well. Shades of mauve, salmon, pink and brownish pink go well with green eyes. And for blue eyes, brown, camel and dark gray will be the best choice.

4.    Apply eye liner with the help of lining pencil or liquid eye liner, choosing the color you like most; like soft grey, golden or silver. If you aren’t able to get a smooth line in one go, correct it with damp cotton bud. To line the eyes neatly, you can use eye writer which are as simple as pencils. Use the liner outside the eyes, along the lash line without leaving any gap. Same way line the upper lash line.

5.    Using Highlighter to brighten your eyes and eyebrows and blend it using your finger.

6.    Use Eye lash curler to give your eyes a more gorgeous look.

7.    Apply Mascara. This is the final step of eye make up. Apply blue, brown or black mascara. First you have to apply it on the upper lashes stroking downward and then underside stroking the lashes down. Apply two coats. Apply in lower lashes too. Use cotton to wipe any dripping

A good eye make up will make your eyes look stunning and beautiful.