How to Apply Body Shimmer

Body shimmer can add the extra oomph that you require to turn heads wherever you go. Whether you are getting ready for a party or want to look a little extra special on your regular day, by adding a little shimmer on your body you can get that dramatic look.

Applying body shimmer is easy and does not take too much time.The basic rule of applying body shimmer is by first creating the base of the makeup. This means that you should have cleaned, moisturized, and used concealer, foundation and powder. Also apply your bronzers and highlights before the shimmer.  However, body shimmer needs to be used before you begin applying blush, eye shadows, liners and mascara.

When using shimmer always remember that little means more. So avoid using the shimmer in generous amounts if you want to look natural and not made up. The best way of using shimmer is to spill small amount of it on a white paper. Take a large makeup brush and dab some of the powder from the paper on the brush. Remove any excess powder by tapping it back on the paper.

Use the brush to apply the shimmer powder on any part of your body. You can begin from the face using light strokes. If possible wear your clothes only after applying shimmer. This way you can avoid spilling the shimmer on your clothes. It can be difficult to remove shimmer from the clothes. Light strokes of the shimmer brush on face, neck, arms and even legs will give your skin a soft and healthy glow.

Do not overdo shimmer on the face. Many makeup kits have shimmer based blushes, foundations and eye shadows. Applying shimmer on the face can make you look unreal. If you want to use shimmer put in small amounts on the eyes, eyebrows, bridge of your nose and the chin. Once your shimmer application is complete you can put on eye shadow and blush.

Avoid using shimmer once your makeup application is complete. Using shimmer over eye shadows and blush will ruin the natural look that you aim for after use of makeup. Apply shimmer only in small quantity for best results.