How Not To Be Over-Eager In Your Relationship

If you are looking for a steady relationship then there are a few things t keep in mind. At the onset of most relationships women tend to be over-eager. This can be a major put-off. It may seem cute and loving in the beginning but its only downhill from there.

If you have found someone don’t go after him relentlessly, instead give him time and space and you will see your relationship blooming. It is very common to be obsessive about your partner; this will only drive him away.

Understand and accept that you are being obsessive and try and change your behaviour. Spend time with your old friends and do things without your partner. Your life should be as normal as it was before.

The more obsessive you get the more complicated your relationship will get. Be calm and understand your partner. Don’t keep calling him all day long. It can get very annoying. He needs space and time out with his friends. Having you call every few hours can be quite a dampener in your relationship. It would make him feel that you don’t trust him and this will only drive him away.

You too are allowed to be busy, so if he calls you, you need not stop everything you are doing just to take that call. Tell him you will talk later. Sometimes playing hard to get does wonders in a relationship. Avoid any type of commitment too soon. Enjoy your time together before you decide to go to the next level. Relationships are not all about marriage and sex. It is a special bond and understanding between two people. Both partners need to be ready to move forward.

If your partner does not want to meet your parents accept it and don’t fret about it. He will do it when the time is right. Talk about other things rather than your relationship. Being insecure will also make appear to be over-eager in your relationship. Remember, the fact that you both are seeing each other just goes to show that he has chosen you aver everyone else and he loves you for what you were not what you may become.