How Much Can You Enjoy Sex During Pregnancy?

sex-during-pregnancy With pregnancy there comes good news and not so good news to many couples. Many people get worried and tensed as they think that their sexual life has come to a halt for, at least, few months now. The couple and the whole family welcomes that the lady partner is carrying now. There flows stream of happiness and euphoria among the family members.

Many couples take this also as not-so-good news, as they think that they have to control their sexual urge for many months now. And this happens because of lack of knowledge and the unavailability of ready information on the subject.

News#1: There is no restriction on having sexual intercourse, as long as, the mood of both the partners supports and takes them to the peak. The only thing to be kept in mind is you should avoid sex during the first 3 months of pregnancy as the chances of miscarriage are more during this period. The orgasm may lead the uterus to contract and that could result in miscarriage.

The same goes for the last three weeks before delivery as the chances of rupture of the water bag is more.

News#2: You should take care of the yeast or fungal infection in vagina during the periods of pregnancy which may lead to other ailments.

News#3: Your female partner may feel dryness of the vagina during pregnancy but it is no way a hindrance to having sex. You can use gels or water based substances to enjoy sex.

News#4: You can choose almost any position to satisfy the sexual gratification during pregnancy. It is upto you to decide the position that gives more enjoyment to you. Only missionary position needs to be avoided after a few months when the bulged tummy comes in-between the partners.

News#5: The happiest news is that you can enjoy sex during pregnancy without any worry as there is absolutely no chance of getting pregnant again.

News#6: You must always consult your gynecologist for sex during pregnancy for he / she might advice you to refrain from sex throughout pregnancy for various reasons like previous miscarriages, small mouth of cervix or low-line placenta etc.

So, there you go. Enjoying sex during pregnancy is a personal preference and it is on to you how much you wish to enjoy getting into the wild-wild act.