How Does Infidelity Affect Your Marriage?

sexual-dysfunction1-300x251 InfidelityU is one of the major factors behind marriage break up.  One’s involvement in extramarital affairs and adultery is nothing but betrayal and breach of faith with one’s partner.

Marriage is a commitment of two persons to live together with harmony, peace and happiness and breach of this commitment is one of the most difficult aspects of marriage as it can hardly be compensated.

Infidelity is not mere an extramarital physical relationship; rather it becomes an emotional and sentimental issue when one starts sharing about his or her marital life with someone else. This is called an emotional infidelity which can pose a major challenge before a peaceful, prosperous and happy married life.

In modern times the instances of emotional infidelity have increased mainly because of people’s openness and frankness in parties, social get-together and various other events. Instant email messaging system and other such means have increased better connectivity and access making it easy to communicate secretly which led to rise in emotional infidelity.

Even physical infidelity has become quite easy today since most of the couples live apart for quite some time because of their professional and business activities or other purposes. In the meantime they get opportunity to come physically close to others and becoming unfaithful to their spouses.

In fact, living apart should not be the reason for unfaithfulness; rather it is an opportunity and excuse for being unfaithful to one’s spouse.

One’s extramarital affairs or unfaithfulness can be highly shocking, painful, agonizing and upsetting for one’s spouse. Remember that you cannot expect change in relationship with your spouse simply by changing the excuses. What you have to do is to try to win confidence of your partner and improve your own credibility.

In case you are facing marriage break up because of your infidelity, you must first try to find out and understand what were wrong in your marriage.

Infidelity, adultery and extramarital affairs are not something that can happen all of a sudden.

You must know that something might have gone wrong with your marriage that made you unfaithful towards your partner.

In order to improve your relation with your partner, make sure that you are not blaming others for your unfaithful activity or behavior; rather you must honestly admit your fault so as to ensure emotional healing of the problem.