How Can Working Women Balance Between Family And Work?

between-family-and-work Multi-tasking!! That’s what you call it. Isn’t it? And it is one of the most difficult challenges for a lady. However, multi-tasking in any individual’s domain of work can easily be mastered for most of the time the activities are routine and has set procedure.

What if you face some un-predictable situations and you don’t know what turn the situation will take in the next minute and you are’nt aware of what should be done to it. But, you surely have mastered the art on how to deal with such situation.

This is some sort of script for a working lady these days. She works in the office and also has a family to take care of. She is alert and responsive in the office and she has to be on-her-toes in her home, with her family members too to keep them happy and smiling forever.

She doesn’t know what may happen the next moment and why some family member may get annoyed or unhappy and what may pinch them, yet she has mastered the art to deal with such scenario and knows exactly what should be done and how to make the breeze favorable and luv-filled inside her home.

The home is heaven for those who can do it and know how to balance between work and family. It turns ugly for those who are lost in the flow of situational wind and can’t think about making environment favorable.

The belief: The lady of the house is considered to be the axis of the family. Families are broken and members suffer pain and agony, if the axis is NOT able to create the gravitational force and hold on to the members of the house for good cause. Nurture goodness and feeling of oneness among the family members and you would find the desired support and congenial wind in your home.

Luv is the strongest force: There is no known force that can break the bond of luv and compassion on this earth. Fill the environment of the house with strong love. Answer even the words of hatred with charming smile and be available for everyone. And you will start getting the favorable responses and help from each member of the house.

As a lady you are stronger than MAN on this earth. Use the strength to create the bond of evergreen happiness for your home.