How Can I Make My Child Eat Healthy Food

healthy-living Eating well and being active is the key to your child’s good health. As a parent, fulfill your duty to serve them a balance diet. To persuade your fussy child to eat healthy food first of all you have to set an example with your own food habits. If your diet is good and the child sees them from the very beginning, they will pick them up. Praise them for eating.

Explain to your child why healthy eating is necessary by showing them cartoon like Popeye eating spinach or superman etc. Plan your child’s eating habit from an early age. Present them meal as a treat and in a creative way. Encourage your child to eat new dishes.

Let your child eat a good breakfast in scheduled time every day. Include milk, cereal, fruit juice and toast which are tasty as well as good for your child. Keep changing the menu frequently. They will take interest in eating and they will get full energy for the day ahead. And when they are satisfied chocolate, ice cream or fast food will not provoke them later in the day.

Pack a healthy and nutritious lunch box using your imagination. Use vegetables like carrot, beans, cabbage in foods like muffins or pancake. Give them funny shapes. Your child will enjoy eating her lunch. A hungry child will eat what he needs if he or she is served wholesome food in a pleasant manner.

TV commercials try to persuade kids to eat fast foods which are high fat snacks and high sugar drinks. Teach your child about the effects of these foods. They will definitely make healthy choices outside home.

Engage your child in planning or preparing meals. Children like to eat dishes they help to choose. Have family meals together and serve every one the same food. Do not be too strict. Let your child have occasional treats in fast food restaurant too. Banning snacks will provoke them to eat more. Sometimes bring them sweets, pastry or cake to eat.

Do not force them to eat something they do not want. Instead disguise them by thinly slicing them and mixing them with sauce, mashed potato or cheese. Be creative and you will be able to make your child eat all kinds of healthy food.