How Air Pollution Affects Pregnant Women

pollution-affects-pregnant-women If a pregnant women lives in the area where the density of pollution in the air is high then there are fair bit of chances that her fetus may not develop properly. Such cases are more prominent in urban regions where air pollution is skyrocketing day by day due to several factors, especially due to increasing number of vehicles and industries.

As compared to the emissions of petrol engine, the emission of diesel engine is more dangerous for the health of pregnant women because it emits sulphur dioxide. Similarly, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, lead and suspended particulate matter present in the polluted air are also harmful for the pregnant women.

Doctors recommend that the pregnant women living in highly polluted areas should take extra precaution and must avoid overexposure to air pollution. They say that the normal development of the fetus is important because it is an indicator of good health of the newborn baby. The fetus size also affects the intelligence quotient of the baby which might surface during his schooling. In some cases, continuous exposure of air pollution causes premature delivery which is dangerous for the health of both newborn child and the mother.

If you are planning to conceive or are already pregnant then you can follow some of the measures given below to stay away from air pollution.

If your house is located in highly polluted zone then avoid sauntering outside in the evening hours because at that time, the traffic flow increases thus causing high pollution. However, if your doctor advices you to walk a certain distance everyday then prefer going to some nearby park in the morning hours when there is little traffic on roads and clean air in the ambience.

Avoid going close to smokers because passive smoking is not only harmful for your health but can also affect the development of your fetus.

Always use mask while dusting your house.

Always keep the fireplace clean and dust-free.

Do plantation around your house to keep the air in the ambience clean.

Yogesh Mishra