Home Remedies to Induce Labor in Pregnant Dogs

Pregnancy in dogs is similar to pregnancy in humans. A pregnant dog also faces issues like heavy tummy as the pregnancy progresses. Some even have complicated pregnancies resulting from increasing weight of the puppies which makes it necessary to induce labor.

The dog owner can help the dog deliver her litter safely by taking care of a few things. It is always a good idea to consult and take advice from the vet before trying out home remedies to induce labor.

A good idea is to keep checking for signs of labor once your dog has carried for 45 days. Typically a dog’s gestation period lasts from 58 to 68 days. You can know the due date of the dog if you have the date of conception.

An X-ray helps know the due date as well as the number of puppies the dog is carrying. Closer to the due date you can start checking the temperature of your dog. If the dog is closer to labor her temperature will decrease by two degrees.

Make a temperature chart for your dog and keep checking it. If the temperature drop happened 24 hours ago and the dog is still not in labor then you will have to induce her. Begin by squeezing the nipples of your dog to start the flow of milk.

When the milk starts flowing the brain gets the message that the body is now ready for delivery. Make the dog walk a little. But don’t over exert her. Short walks with breaks will help ease the discomfort associated with labor. Gently massage the tummy taking care not to hurt the puppies.

Do not force the dog to eat. She will refuse food when she is in pain or is feeling uncomfortable. She might not even care for water at this time. If the nipple stimulation, walks and massages do not work then take the dog to a vet within 24 hours.

The vet will be in a better position to take a decision. Do not panic if your dog hasn’t delivered still. Unless the dog is over 65 days pregnant there is little cause of worry. Your dog will be given pills that will her deliver the puppies immediately.

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