Home Remedies For Treating Amenorrhea

Amenorrhea treatment Amenorrhea is medical condition characterized by absence of menstrual cycle in some girls and also in some women. Amenorrhea is usually diagnosed when a female misses more than two menstrual cycles.

Amenorrhea results when the ovaries do not produce enough estrogen to thicken the lining if the uterus. It is this lining which is removed from the body during menstruation.

Medically, amenorrhea has been identified as two types; primary and secondary.

Primary amenorrhea is when a young girl does not get her normal periods even after reaching 16 years of age. According to a recent study, a very small percentage of girls between the ages 16 and 18 do not begin their menstrual cycle even after attaining the age of puberty. Normally, this is not a cause of major concern but taking the opinion of a doctor isn’t ruled out. In some cases absence of menstrual cycle could be due to serious hormonal imbalance which needs to be treated immediately.

Secondary amenorrhea is when a girl or a woman who has previously been having her normal menstrual cycle suddenly ceases to get her periods for two consecutive months. In many cases the cause for secondary amenorrhea is pregnancy in sexually active women. The condition soon disappears after delivery. In some women the state of amenorrhea continues for the entire time they breastfeed their babies. However, this isn’t true of all women. There can be other causes of secondary amenorrhea as well and it is best to take a pregnancy test to rule out this cause.

In some cases of secondary amenorrhea sudden weight loss or weight gain and stress and anxiety are also seen as potential causes. In sexually active women oral contraceptive pills can delay periods for a few months. However, periods are resumed once the body gets adjusted to the hormonal pills.

Women who are undergoing menopause also experience infrequent menstrual cycle. The cycle stops completely once menopause is attained. Women who are treated for thyroid related problems also suffer from amenorrhea as a result of the side effects of thyroid medicines.

Secondary amenorrhea becomes serious medical concern when the reason for loss of periods is a developing tumor in the cervix or vagina. Medical intervention is also needed when amenorrhea is caused due to improper functioning of the pituitary gland. Sometimes new mothers experience postpartum pituitary necrosis which is the reason for loss of menstruation and inability to lactate.

Amenorrhea is not a disease and is not treated as such. However, the condition can be very stressful and uncomfortable for the woman who suffers from it. If there has been a delay of more than 10 days in your periods then first test yourself for pregnancy. If you aren’t pregnant then you could try a few simple home remedies to bring your periods. These home remedies can also be tried if you want to have your periods a little before than your normal date for reasons like wedding, travel etc.

Simple Home Remedies for Amenorrhea

Many women all across the globe prefer using natural remedies to treat amenorrhea at home. This is because the natural remedies have no side effects unlike the hormonal pills your doctor will prescribe you.

1. Treatment of Amenorrhea with Flex SeedsYou will require:

• 4 ounces of water

• 25 grams of jaggery

• 25 grams solidified oil or 25 grams unsalted white butter

• A tablespoon of flex seeds

Place the water over medium flame and bring it to a boil. Add flex seeds to the boiling water and let it boil for 5-7 minutes. The water will reduce to half the original quantity. Add jaggery and butter to the decoction and drink. This is an ayurvedic preparation and should be had every alternate day for a week. Ideally, the drink should be taken a week before the date of your periods to induce menstrual cycle on time.

2. Treatment of Amenorrhea with Iron

Absence of regular menstrual cycle is often due to insufficient iron in the body. Iron is a major component of blood and is required by the body to produce sufficient amount of blood. When the body suffers from iron deficiency it often results in anemia and loss of menstrual cycle. Increase the intake of iron in your food by eating green leafy vegetables like spinach, parsley and broccoli. Soy beans, sea foods, turnips, sprouts etc are rich sources of iron and should be taken in sufficient amounts every day to up the level of iron in the body.

3. Treatment of Amenorrhea with a well-balanced diet

Women who neglect what they eat often suffer from amenorrhea. It is important to eat a well-balanced and healthy diet to ensure normal functioning of the body. Your daily diet should be a healthy mix of proteins, essential vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, fiber and minerals. Do not increase the intake of fat in your diet. Stay away from fatty foods and oily, fried foods. Include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, eggs, fish and cereals in your diet to ensure healthy functioning of the body.

4. Treatment of Amenorrhea with Saffron

Take a few strands of saffron and add them in a cup of water. boil this water and allow to cool. Once the water cools down drink it. The water should be had at least five times day a week before the date for your periods. Saffron is excellent for curing amenorrhea as it is anti-oxidant in nature. It removes the toxins from the body and relieves you from stress by inducing deep sleep.

5. Treatment of Amenorrhea with Weight Management

Amenorrhea is often a problem in women who are overweight or women who are underweight. Hence it becomes important to maintain a healthy weight in order to ensure uninterrupted bodily functions. If you are overweight do not do crash dieting to lose weight. Not only will you bounce back to your original weight once you begin eating but your body will suffer since it will not receive the required nutrients and minerals to function properly.

Weight loss is easy to achieve by following a healthy diet plan and exercising. Similarly don’t indulge in eating calorie-rich foods in order to gain weight. Weight gain can happen by eating the right kinds of food and by exercising. Nutritional foods like cheese, pasta and various meats can help you gain a healthy weight.

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