Home Remedies for Shiny Hair

shininghair There are a lot of women around the globe who have lost the shine from their hair. It can be attributed to the harmful chemicals that we use or just the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. There are times when even the best of conditioners cannot get back the shine on your hair. Here we suggest just a few home remedies that will help you to restore the shine back in your hair.

Mayonnaise may not be so good for you when you are on a diet but it can really do wonders to your hair. It has been proved that when you apply mayonnaise on the hair it becomes naturally shiny and soft. This is an excellent remedy for dry and rough hair. Before applying mayonnaise you have to wash your hair and then rinse it well. Take a good amount of mayonnaise into the hair. This is extremely beneficial for curls as well. Then cover the hair with plastic. Let the mayonnaise stay on hair for about an hour. Then rinse it well with lukewarm water. You will see instant results and you can try this once a week.

If you always thought that regular shampoo and conditioner can give you back the hair shine then you are in for surprise. There are times when the hair looses its shine because of the build up of excessive shampoo and conditioner in your hair. This causes the hair to become dull and limp. Vinegar can help you to overcome this problem. It has been proven that a final rinse of vinegar will help hair to retain its shine and also get rid of the excessive build up. You can keep some vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it on your hair before the final rinse.

After shampooing your hair mix about half cup of vinegar and half cup of lukewarm water and apply it on the hair. Let it stay for around 10 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.

You can make this easy home remedy for shiny hair, which has a shelf life of six months. Mix around once ounce of rosemary oil along with 1/8 ounce of lavender oil in a dark bottle. Put a few drops in your hands and then apply this on the hairbrush. Then brush your hair with this hairbrush. It helps in giving shine to your hair.

On a day when you want the shine back in your hand you can try a ripe avocado. Mash the ripe avocado and mix it with it enough mayonnaise to cover your hair completely. This will make the hair shiny, manageable and much softer.

Boil some tealeaves in some water and then let it cool. Then strain the mixture and use it as a final rinse for your hair. You can even use beer as a final rinse. This helps in also adding bounce to your hair. You can even use a flat beer for this purpose. A final rinse of lemon juice mixed with water will also give the hair the much necessary shine that is needed.

There are times when the excessive dirt and grease in the hair can make it lose its shine by weighing it down. This can be helped by baking soda; you can mix some baking soda with your shampoo to get rid of build up in the hair.

Hair shine can be restored by using a strong cup of espresso, make a cup then let it cool and use on your dry hair and leave it for about 20 minutes. Then rinse it off and you will get some extra shine in your hair.

Milk is not only good for your body but is an excellent remedy for restoring shine in your hair as well. Apply some milk in your hair and then rinse it off with some cool water. Then rub some ice cube along the entire length of the hair and then comb it. You will notice the difference as soon as the hair dries up.

You can also take two cups of distilled water and 1/3 cup of chopped rosemary leaves in a saucepan and let it boil. Continue to do so for about five minutes. After the solution cools put it in a spray bottle and keep it refrigerated. Spray it on hair. This will give the hair shine and also help in toning the scalp.