Home Remedies for Ringworm

Ringworm is a quite common skin disease which results in itching that is caused by fungal infection. It is a contagious disease that affects the scalp, feet, body and nails. The fungi live on keratin which is the constituent upper layer of the body. The fungi usually are suited for moist, covered and hot parts of the body and it is believed that 20% of the total population of the earth is affected by ringworm at any time in life. The disease gets its name from the red ring that appears on the affected parts of the body. The disease is highly contagious and can spread due to direct or indirect contact with the affected individual. Some animals such as dogs and cats also carry the germs of the disease. Care should be taken while treating because misdiagnosis and treatment can result in a disease where the characteristic features of the disease such as distinctive raised borders. However, many simple side-effect-free remedies are available for the disease which can be carried out at a fraction of the cost of other alternative medicines. Some of the methods are described in this article.

Using mustard seeds

Mustard seeds are an excellent home remedy for ringworm. The seeds should be grounded into paste and applied over the effective areas to get quick relief from ringworm. Mustard has a considerable antifungal property which is helpful in diminishing ringworm.

Using turmeric

Turmeric paste is an excellent medicine, even for other skin diseases. Apply the paste of turmeric on the affected areas for getting rid of ringworm. For getting best results, use one teaspoonful of turmeric juice with a teaspoon of honey orally. This will multiply the antifungal effect and will also provide very fast relief.

Using papaya

Papaya is also a very good remedy for ringworm. To get good results, raw papaya should be sliced and rubbed over the affected parts on the body. This will provide immediate relief and will diminish the disease within a few weeks if regularly used.

Alternately, grounded seeds of papaya can also be used to treat the disease. Just take grounded seeds of papaya and apply over the affected areas for getting quick relief.

Using spinach and carrot juices

Raw vegetable juices are very useful in diminishing the disease, especially the mixture of spinach and carrot juices is found highly beneficial for treating ringworm. Take equal amounts of the two juices and take in a quantity of two glasses daily for getting quick relief from ringworm.

Using coconut oil

Coconut oil is very effective in providing relief from ringworm. Take coconut oil on the palm and apply over the affected areas regularly for a few days to see the change. The antifungal property of coconut oil would diminish the fungal infection within a few days of use.

Using mudpack

Patients suffering from ringworm can also use mudpacks in getting relief from ringworm. The mudpack should be applied twice every day on the ringworm affected areas for getting proper relief from the disease. Take care to apply only a light mudpack so that the skin areas are not unnecessarily burdened.

Using cassia leaves

The leaves of cassia tree can also be used to treat ringworm. Grind the leaves to make a thick paste and apply this over the ringworm affected area. This will provide immediate relief and it only takes about two to three weeks to treat the skin from ringworm.

Using castor oil

Application of castor oil is quite effective in diminishing ringworm, especially which arise on the scalp. Take raw castor oil and apply over the scalp daily to avoid ringworm on the scalp.

Apart from these simple home remedies care should be taken to avoid some foods which are harmful for ringworm. Excessive intake of tea and coffee is harmful for ringworm affected individuals. Apart from these use of highly flavored dishes, sugar, white flour dishes and tinned and bottled foods should also be avoided to resist the spread of ringworm.