Home Remedies for Miscarriage

Miscarriages refer to immature ejection of fetus before it reaches the stage where it can live normally outside the mother’s body. Pregnant women are prone to miscarriages especially in the third and seventh month.

There may be different reasons for miscarriage including cervix weakness, immune disorders, hormonal imbalance, chromosome defects and chronic illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure and thyroid problems. It is generally a very painful situation and severe cases may also lead to death. However, following some simple and effective home remedies miscarriages may be avoided.

Using Indian gooseberry and honey

Indian gooseberry is a wonderful remedy to avoid miscarriages. Mix one teaspoonful of the juice extracted from Indian gooseberry and honey. This should be taken early in the morning everyday to avoid miscarriages.

Using ginger

Ginger is a very good remedy for most of the problems during pregnancy. It helps in diminishing vomiting tendency and is a very good remedy for other sickness. It also helps avoiding miscarriages to a large extent. Small pieces of ginger should be chewed by the mother to avoid any kind of general problem during pregnancy.

Using safflower foliage

Safflower foliage can also be used as a remedy for preventing miscarriages. Safflower is a very effective medication against miscarriages. It provides sure shot cure for early miscarriages.

Using false unicorn

The herb false unicorn can also be used to treat miscarriages. The root should be dried and powdered while using for this purpose. It is also effective against infertility, weakness and labor pain. False unicorn is also used to treat fibroids, thyroid problems and cramps.

Using squaw

Squaw herb is also effective against various diseases associated with pregnancy. It keeps away the problems of miscarriage and other uterine infections. For using it as a medicine, a tea should be prepared by boiling this herb in water. This tea should be taken once every half an hour to prevent miscarriages.

Using ascorbic acid

Ascorbic acid or vitamin C is also a very good remedy for preventing miscarriages. For better results, use 10 grams of ascorbic acid for 15 days. It will provide relief from various other vitamin C deficiency diseases as well.

Using various other herbs

There are many other herbs which are helpful in treating miscarriages. Some of the herbs include cramp and black haw barks and true unicorn roots. These are very helpful in avoiding miscarriages and other pregnancy related problems. Cramp bark is useful in keeping muscular contraction away, thereby preventing miscarriages. Black haw bark is effective against uterus infections, menstruation problems and miscarriages.

Using wild yam

Wild yam is also a very useful remedy for preventing miscarriages. It is also useful against uterus infection. Wild yam promotes the secretion of hormones which are helpful in maintaining a natural pregnancy schedule; thereby diminishing the chances of miscarriage.

Using cold compress

A cold compress applied to the inner portions of thighs, perineum and vagina is also a very effective way to keep the natural process of pregnancy intact. This should be applied in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Using bay leaf and milk

Ground bay leaf and milk can also act as a useful remedy to protect the fetus. To prepare the medicine, take ¼ teaspoonful of ground bay leaf in half cup of milk. Boil this mixture and cool it off. Drink the solution twice every day to keep the fetus intact and make the pregnancy process normal.

Apart from these home remedies care should be taken to eat foods which are rich in various minerals. Green vegetables and fresh fruit should be a regular diet for pregnant women. Moreover, smoking, tobacco and alcohol should be avoided from the very beginning of pregnancy. Various yoga asanas such as sarvangasana, vajrasana and trikonasana are also quite effective in protecting the fetus. Regular practice of these asanas are helpful in keeping various pregnancy problems away.