Home Remedies for Male Baldness

Male Baldness, also known as alopecia, is caused due to genetic as well as hormonal predispositions. It involves a state of hair loss from different areas of the body, particularly from the head. Hair loss is one of the most important cosmetic concerns when it comes to men. It begins with thinning near the hairline and then emergence of bald spot on the head’s crown. The condition of hair loss affects millions of people throughout the world. Various kinds of treatments are available these days for treating male baldness. Let us take a lot at certain home remedies that can be effective in treating the problem of baldness in men.

•    Massage your head with olive oil just before going to the bed and wash it off next morning.

•    Boil some henna leaves along with mustard oil and massage on the head to treat the condition.

•    Properly ground lime and black pepper seeds together to form a paste. Apply of affected area.

•    Massage few drops of coconut milk well into the roots of the hair and scalp.

•    Avoid using spiky brushes, tight rubber bands and sharp clips in hairs.

•    Avoid over combing of the hair.

•    Massage hair with bhongra juice to reduce loss of hair.

•    Mix powder of few shana seeds with any of the essential oils like castor oil, coconut oil or sesame oil and apply the paste on the scalp.

•    Mix few drops of honey and kanta karika juice and apply this mixture on the scalp.

•    Massage the entire scalp with coconut milk or Aloe Vera gel properly. Leave it on for an hour and rinse off after 1 hour using warm water.

•    Another great and effective remedy for combating loss of hair is Amaranth. Juice should be extracted from a fresh leaf of Amaranth. This helps in keeping the hair soft and promotes hair growth as well.

•    Onion is also found to be beneficial for treating patchy baldness. Rub the affected area with an onion in both morning as well as evening till it becomes red. Follow with application of honey.