Home Remedies For Leg Pain

Leg pain is a fairly common problem and usually it refers to any pain in the region of legs; i.e. – in the knees, foots or other parts of the leg. The major reasons of leg pain include arthritis, ligament or muscle strain, weakness, overexertion and long standing hours. Leg pain can also be a symptom of other diseases.

Generally, leg pain interferes with the daily routine of the patient and is considered a hurdle in performing daily activities normally. The pain can be severe enough to have a negative impact on the suffering individual. The pain may occur due to injury or damage of leg nerves. However, many home remedies are available for leg pain which offer fathomable relief in the pains.

Using fenugreek

Fenugreek seeds can work wonders in cases of leg pain. For using as a remedy the seeds of fenugreek should be dried well by keeping them in the sun for 4-5 days. These seeds can then be mixed with a glass of water and taken early in the morning to get relief from leg pain.

Using vinegar

Vinegar is another remedy for treating leg pain which offers considerably positive results. Soak a cotton cloth in vinegar and use it a bandage on the knees, foot or any other part of the leg which is affected by a pain. It will help in providing fast relief from pain and discomfort.

Using Camphor and mustard oil

Camphor and mustard oil can be used in problems of leg pain. Take about 20 grams of camphor in 200 ml of mustard oil. Keep this mixture in the sun for a few says so that the camphor gets dissolved in the oil. Use this oil for messaging the affected areas of the leg. This will provide quick relief and is very beneficial for leg pain if used on a daily basis.

Using water

Water can also be useful in removing leg pains. It is especially helpful in the cases of dehydration. Thus before doing some exercise, a large amount of water should be drunk. In general day to day life also, water helps in maintain the metabolic activities of the body. Therefore drinking large amount of water can be helpful in removing leg pains.

Using Walnuts

Walnuts can also be used as a remedy for leg pain. Take 4-5 walnuts daily in the morning in an empty stomach. This will help keep the muscles and the bones healthy, thereby removing the chances of leg pain.

Using cod liver oil

Cod liver oil can also be a very good remedy for leg pain. The oil should be messaged on the affected area for getting quick relief from leg pain. Messaging cod liver oil is also considered helpful in maintaining general fitness of the muscles of human body.

Using saffron

Saffron is a very good remedy for curing leg pain. Take one teaspoonful of saffron in half cup of eater and boil the mixture. Divide the decoction into three parts and mix equal amounts of water to the portions. This medication can be taken thrice daily for about a week to get quick relief from leg pain.

Using Epsom salts

Epsom salt baths are also very effective in providing relief from leg pain. Take about two tablespoonful of Epsom salts in bathing water and dip your legs in the warm water for 15-20 minutes. Epsom salt is rich in magnesium and its bath is considered very useful for pains due to arthritis.

Using various oils

Use of mustard and coconut oils are also recommended for joint and muscle pains. Take the oils in your palm and message the affected area till the oil vanishes. It will not only provide relief from pain but also help keep the skin toned.

Apart from these helpful remedies, regular exercises play a big role in keeping the body fit and various pains away. Do regular stretching and general exercises for 15 minutes at least every day. This will help in strengthening the muscles and bones. Moreover, yoga asanas such as anusandhi, uttanpadasana and gomukhasana are also very helpful in treating leg pain. These asanas help in tuning the body parts so that pains due to improper functioning of the parts and thereby various pains can be kept away.