Home Remedies For Jaundice

Jaundice refers to a disease that leads to yellowish discoloration of the skin, whites of the eyes and other mucous membranes.  The yellowish color arises due to increased levels of bilirubin in the extracellular fluids.

It is a disease associated with the liver and jaundice may be caused due to obstruction in the bile duct and loss of function of the bile. The most common reasons associated with jaundice include hemolytic anemia, pancreatic cancer, alcoholic liver disease, acute hepatitis or blockage in the bile ducts.

Jaundice is a serious disease in the sense they often represent an abnormal liver or some other hidden diseases which may be fatal. However, many home remedies are available to get rid of jaundice.

Using tomato

Tomato juice is considered to be one of the most effective remedies for jaundice. Take a glass of tomato juice mixed with a pinch of salt and pepper early in the morning. This will provide immediate relief and can be continued for long time to get complete relief from jaundice.

Using Bitter Luffa

The juice prepared from bitter luffa is another superb home remedy for jaundice. To prepare the juice, take mashed bitter luffa in a cotton cloth and squeeze out the juice. The juice should be taken on the palm and drawn up through the nostrils. The medication results in a profuse outflow of yellow colored toxins. However, it is a strong medicine and may lead to headache, fever or some other symptoms in case of delicate patients.

Using Snake Gourd leaves

Snake gourd leaves can also be utilized for treating jaundice. Prepare an infusion by mixing 15 gram of snake gourd leaves in 250 ml of water. In addition prepare a decoction of coriander seeds by mixing it with 500 ml of water and boiling till the solution is reduced to one third. Now take the infusion in doses of 30 ml with the decoction.

Using sugarcane and lemon juice

Sugarcane and lemon juice can also be used to treat jaundice. Take a glass of sugarcane juice and mix the juice of half a lemon with it. This solution can be taken twice daily to get rid of jaundice sooner than expected.

Using radish leaves

Raidish leaves can also be used as an alternate home remedy for jaundice. Take mashed radish leaves in a cotton cloth and extract the juice by squeezing the cloth. Half a liter of this juice should be administered daily to an adult patient of jaundice. This leads to an increased appetite and proper bowel movement which ensures quick recovery. For complete recovery, the medication should be continued for eight to ten days.

Using ginger, lime and mint

The mixture of ginger, lime and mint can also be used as a remedy for jaundice. Take half a teaspoonful of ginger juice and mix it with one teaspoonful of lime and mint juice. This remedy should be taken twice daily to get positive results in jaundice.

Using almonds, cardamom and dates

The mixture of cardamom, almonds and dried dates can also be used as a remedy for jaundice. Take about eight to ten kernels of almonds, two dried dates and five cardamoms in water and leave it to settle overnight. In the morning, remove the outer coatings of almond kernels and seeds of dates and grind the whole solution into a fine paste. Add fifty grams each of sugar and butter to this paste and lick it in the morning. This will provide quick relief from the disease.

Using pigeon pea leaves

Pigeon pea leaves can also be used as a remedy for jaundice.  Extract juice from the leaves of pigeon pea and administer in dosages of 60 ml once daily.

It should be remembered that some foods may act as poisons for the liver while having jaundice because it makes the liver very weak. These foods include oily, spices and fried foods, turmeric, butter, pickles and sour foods. These foods must be avoided at all costs to get quick relief by using the above mentioned home remedies.