Home Remedies For Intestinal Worms

intestinal worms Intestinal worms are basically parasites that stay in the gastrointestinal tract and feed on human body. These parasites are hookworms, tapeworms, roundworms, thread worms and pinworms. Some of these parasites help to digest food but they can create problems and have adverse effect on our health.


Children are commonly affected by intestinal worms but any one else can also be susceptible to stomach worms. They usually occur due to contaminated food, improper disposal of waste material or poor sanitation, dirty hands and fingers, walking barefoot on dirty soil, eating undercooked meat and faulty living.


Stomach worms can cause severe pain in stomach and leaves an adverse effect on our health. The symptoms that are mainly observed in a person suffering from intestinal worms are diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, inflammation of lungs and intestine, anemia, under eye dark circle, nutritional disorder, weight loss and constipation.


Intestinal worms can very well be treated at home through natural remedies.

•    Use of coconut is one of the most effective ways to treat intestinal worms. Ground fresh coconut and take 1 tablespoon every morning. After 3-4 hours, mix 30-60 ml castor oil in a glass of lukewarm milk and drink. Repeat the process till you get relief.

•    Eat grated coconut every morning in empty stomach. You are sure to get rid of worms.

•    Garlic is very effective for treating worms. Chewing 2-3 raw garlic cloves every morning can give instant relief.

•    Unripe papaya juice can destroy round worms very well. Mix 1 table spoon papaya juice and 1 table spoon honey along with three table spoon hot water. After three hours take 30-60ml castor oil along with milk.  The dose should be reduced for children according to their age. Repeating the process will be beneficial. Papaya seeds are also very useful for treating round worms. They should be powdered and 1 table spoon be given to children in the morning along with milk.

•    Papaya leaves boiled in 1 cup of water should be mixed with 1 spoonful honey to expel intestinal worms.

•    The simplest way to expel worms is to drink a glass of boiled water after mixing 1 table spoon rock salt in the morning in empty stomach.

•    Pomegranate, raw garlic, beets pumpkin seeds and carrot have properties that can eliminate worms. So eat them in greater quantities.

•    Drink more than enough water to enhance proper bowel movement which will help elimination of worms.