Home Remedies For Eye Problems

Eyes are one of the most useful sensory organs and are very essential for living a healthy and meaningful life.  Theer are many eyes diseases which obstruct in normal viewing but the predominant of them are myopia, hypermetropia, presbiopia amd astigmatism.

These diseases may occur due to abusive treatment of the eyes which may include reading in improper light, stress and strain and accidents due to which the retina or the lens loses its original configuration etc. However, eyes should always be taken care of and various simple home objects can be used for taking eye care.

Using rose water and lime juice

The mixture of water and lime juice is very effective for taking proper eye care. Mix the two ingredients and keep it in a bottle to use as an eye drop. It will soothe the eyes and provide relief from the wear and tear due to daily stress on the eyes.

Using rose petals and raspberry leaves

Rose petals and raspberry leaves can be used to prepare a useful solution for taking eye care. Take 10 petals of rose and mix it with raspberry leaves. Put the mixture in a glass of water for nearly two hours. This solution can now be used to wash the eyes. It will not only refresh the eyes but will also keep cataract away.

Using potatoes

Potatoes can also be used on the eyes for keeping them stress free and lustrous. Cut small, rounded slices of potato and keep it over the eyes for 10-15 minutes. It will soothe the eyes and keep it stress free.

Using alum powder and rose water

Alum powder and rose water mixture is a very good eye care option. Mix 4 grams of alum powder and 30 ml of rose water. Use 2-3 drops of this solution on each eye for getting relief from eyestrain and redness of the eyes.

Using fruits rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C is very essential to keep the eyes disease-free. Take fruits such as gooseberries and lime as diet to keep the eyes healthy and beautiful.

Using fennel seeds

Fennel seeds are also very essential for keeping the eyes intact. For preparing the medication, boil half teaspoonful of fennel seeds in a cup of water. Cool the solution and use it as a eye drop for soothing the eyes and keep eye problems away.

Using almonds, fennel and sugar candy

Mix equal amounts of almond, fennel and sugar candy and grind the mixture to forma paste. Mix 10 grams of this mixture with 250 ml of milk every night before sleep. This will help in keeping the eyes in proper condition and will also keep eye diseases away.

Using onion, honey and camphor

Onion, honey and camphor mixture is also a very useful home remedy against various eye diseases. Mix 10 ml each of onion juice and honey and 2 grams of Borneo camphor to prepare the medicine for the eyes. Apply this to the eyes every night to keep various eye diseases away.

It should however be remembered that keeping the eyes healthy by taking proper care and regular exercises is more useful than treating a disease after it has occurred. A healthy lifestyle that includes proper rest and exercises help keeping the eyes fit and healthy. Moreover, the eyes should be washed with clean, cold water often to soothe the eyes and keep them disease-free.

A healthy diet including green vegetables and fresh fruits also help a lot in keeping the eyes fit and healthy. Smoking should be avoided at all costs. Moreover, tobacco should also be avoided for keeping the eyes intact.  Care should also be taken for having a proper sleep as it helps the eyes in getting the required rest. If an individual has to work on computers or other audio visuals for long hours, they must wear a glass that protects the eyes from radiation. Taking proper care of the eyes keeps them fit and away from diseases for a long time.