Home Remedies For Ear Infection And Ache

Ear ache is a very common problem, especially during childhood and often is due to an ear infection. The infection may be due to swimming in polluted water. The Eustachian tube inside the ear may get blocked due to bacterial build up and this may lead to formation of fluid which causes the ear ache.

It might be a major reason for annoyance as increase in pressure in this area leads to increase in pain, swelling in middle ear part and nearby, loss in hearing ability, and also itching. However there are plenty of remedies available for getting rid of the disease.

Using herbal teas

Herbal tea is a useful way to get rid of ear ache and infection. The most fruitful in the herbal tea segment is the summer savory   which helps soothe the ear from all infections and helps it recover very quickly.

Using garlic juice

Garlic is a very useful remedy, especially for ear ache and infection. Take the juice of garlic and with the help of a dropper drop 1-2 drops of the juice into the affected ear. Lie down on the other side so that the juice may penetrate the ear better. This will help the individual suffering from ear ache and infection get a quick relief and recovery.

Garlic can also be used in another way.     Take a clove of peeled off, chopped and cleaned garlic and prepare a mixture by mixing it with finely cut mullein leaf. Now mix this with 3-4 cups of olive oil and let it that way for at least 10 days. Once it gets a light yellowish color, strain it with the help of clean cotton cloth. Now add a few drops of tea tree oil. This oil can be used in dosages of 3-4 drops into the affected ear for 4 times every day. After putting the oil into the ear allow it to settle for minimum of 10 minutes.

One can also mix crushed garlic with olive oil and let it settle for two days and then apply it to the affected ear for 20 minutes. Garlic is a very good remedy easily available at home, for ear ache and infection.

Using lemon juice or onion juice

Lemon and onion juice also shows healing capabilities in case of ear ache and infection. Apply the juice with the help of a cotton plug into the ear. These juices are very effective against ear infection and would stop the infection immediately.

Using basil leaves

Basil leaves have antibacterial properties and this helps in getting rid of ear infection and pain. Grind the basil leaves and extract juice from it. Now, with the help of a dropper put two-three drops of the basil leaves juice into the affected ear. This will help in quick recovery from ear ache and infection.

Using fresh peppermint juice

Fresh peppermint juice can also be used as a remedy for ear ache and infection. Grind a few peppermint leaves and take it in a cotton cloth. Now to get the juice out of it, squeeze the cloth by holding it tight over the infected ear. Peppermint juice would relieve the pain and stop the infection from getting worse.

Using bishop’s weed and sesame oil

The mixture of bishop’s weed and sesame oil is a very effective remedy against ear ache and infection. Add bishop’s weed oil and sesame oil in 1:3 ratios and warm it for some time and allow it to cool in room temperature. Use four to five drops of this oil in the affected ear and after some time wash it off carefully with warm water.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can also be used to treat ear infection. Use two to three drops of hydrogen peroxide to clear the infection of the ear and later drain it off from the ear with the help of warm water.

Using lobelia

Lobelia is a very important herb and can be used to treat ear infection. Take a few drops of the extract from lobelia and put it in the affected ear. It will help in bringing down the severity of infection quickly.


  • Amie

    We just tried the garlic remedy on my friend and it made his ear sting so badly that he couldn’t focus on the blockage and slight ringing in his ears… ouch