Home Remedies For Depression

depression1-300x300 Depression is a mental disorder that affects the daily routine of a person. Usually, people suffering from depression suffer from negative feelings about each and everything.

Depression may be of three types; namely bipolar disorder, major depression and dysthymia. There various factors that result in depression; however, the major reasons include use of antibiotics, emotional and mental stress, anxiety and monotony of urban life etc.

Being a mental stress it is impossible to be spotted by others easily, thus the person suffering from it only may understand or experience it. There are many home remedies available for depression, which are a better alternative as they have no side effects.

Home remedies for Depression: Using Rose petals

Rose petals are an extremely useful remedy for depression. Add some rose petals in boiling water and drink whenever you feel depressed. It will provide quick relief from depression.

Home remedies for Depression: Using apple

Apple juice is a very good remedy for depression. The raw apple may also be used for the purpose. Take apple with milk and honey for better results. Apple helps in the synthesis of glutamic acid which controls the production of nerve cells; thereby helping fight against depression. It is a very useful remedy to treat depression.

Home remedies for Depression: Using nutmeg powder and gooseberry

The mixture of nutmeg powder and gooseberry is also beneficial for treating depression. Mix a little nutmeg powder (1/8th of a teaspoon) and a tablespoon of gooseberry juice. This mixture can be taken thrice daily. It helps in uplifting mood and reducing depression.

Home remedies for Depression: Using Cashew nut

Cashew nut can be used as a very good remedy for depression as it is rich in vitamins of B group. The thiamine and riboflavin content of cashew nut helps the nervous system remain intact and recharges it. A few cashew nuts should be taken every day for getting relief from depression.

Home remedies for Depression: Using Asparagus

Asparagus is also a very useful remedy, especially due to its beneficial effects on the nervous system. The dry root of asparagus should be powdered for using it as medicine. One to two grams of the powder should be taken once daily for getting good results in depression. It activates and recharges the nervous system due to its healing effects.

Home remedies for Depression: Using cardamom

Cardamom is also used as a home remedy for depression. The seeds of cardamom should be crushed and mixed with the boiling water. Then this water should be used to make normal tea. It not only adds an aroma to the tea but also acts as a medicine for depression.

Home remedies for Depression: Lemon balm

Lemon balm, the herb, can also be used as a very good remedy for depression. For preparing the medicine, use about thirty grams of the herb and keep it for twelve hours in water. Then strain the solution and use the remaining parts in small quantities throughout the day. Lemon balm shows special effects in alleviating the brain through its calming influence on the nervous system.

Home remedies for Depression: Using foods rich in Vitamin B

Vitamin B has been found to have a profound effect in repairing the condition of depression. Thus, a diet rich in vitamin B also helps in reducing the levels of depression. Individuals suffering from depression should take diets that include green vegetables, wholegrain, eggs, and fish. A nutritional diet will help improve the condition to a considerable extent.

Home remedies for Depression: Using yogic techniques

Yoga can also be positively used to treat depression. Various asanas such as halasanas, shavasana, vakrasana, bhujangasanas etc, can be used for getting relief. Moreover, pranayamas such as kapalbhati and bhastrika can also be taken up by the individuals suffering from depression.

It should be noted that depression can have drastic influence on the life of an individual and hence it is desirable to take necessary steps for correcting the situation. These simple remedies help stay abreast of depression to a considerable extent and when a holistic view on the disease is taken up, it provides immense stimulus in improving the condition.